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Botox Treatment

Facial Remodelling with

Dermal Fillers & BOTOX

Anti ageing treatments with SKIN MOD

Whether you are looking for a freshen up, to revive your look or a full transformation we've got you covered!

Skin Mod works with Juvederm Ultra, Vycross & Genuine Botox range to ensure we use trusted products and deliver the best results.

Treat yourself to Anti Ageing treatments, Filler and Medical treatments with SKIN MOD CLINIC.

Add volume, structure, contours and more with our HARLEY ACADEMY trained injectors​.

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Botox Injections
Shoulder Stretch

Botox is used to temporarily relax the muscles on the upper third of the face (forehead). Skin Mod works with Genuine Botox to ensure safe long lasting results.

Areas that can be treated:

  • Glabella (Frown Lines)

  • Frontalis (Horizontal lines across forehead

  • Crows Feet (Smile lines around eyes)

Prices From £195


Advanced Treatments:

  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

  • Bunny Lines

  • Brow lift

  • Facial slimming (masseater Botox)

  • Peri Oral (gummy smile, corners of the mouth, Lip Flip)


Prices From £395

**Medical Consultation are charged at £50.

This is redeemable against the treatment selected.

Paper Abstract

Whether you are looking for a freshen up to revive your look or a full transformation we've got you covered!

Skin Mod works with Juvederm Ultra & Vycross range to ensure we use trusted products and deliver the best results.

Areas that can be treated:

  • Cheek Augmentation (Cheek)

  • Nasal labial folds (Smile line)

  • Marionette lines (Jowls)

  • Jaw lift (Jawline)

  • Lip Augmentation (Lips)

  • Chin

  • Tear Trough (Under eye)

Prices From £180

**Medical Consultation are charged at £50.

This is redeemable against the treatment selected.

Model's Lower Face


What are fillers and which one do I go for?

At Skin Mod the brand of our choice to work with is Juvéderm which is produced by the trusted industry leading aesthetic brand Allergan. Juvéderm is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based filler which is temporary. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally-occurring sugar substance found in the body. It serves as a moisturiser attracting and attaching water molecules to give skin its plumpness, elasticity and tone. As we age, the natural replacement of HA is reduced thus leading to a less plump dehydrated skin. The loss of HA leads to the unwanted visual effects such as fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume (sagging). Hyaluronic Acid is a water loving molecule thats binds up to 400 times its weight in water. When the HA filler is injected below the skin’s surface it integrates into the deeper layers of the skin working to attract water and restore loss of volume. This provides structure and support to the skin, which in turn lifts and smooths targeted folds and wrinkles. We work with Juvéderm's Ultra and Vycross range depending on the area to be treated. This will be selected for you by our GMC registered Aesthetc Doctor.

Is the treatment painful?

Here at Skin Mod we always go the extra mile for our clients. The fillers that we use contain lidocain (anesthetic for numbing which can be topically and internally applied) which makes the treatment more comfortable. Cannulas are used when working on the face. Due to the blunt nature of the needle less bruising is caused thus leading to less trauma to the area being treated and minimal down time. To minimise discomfort when treating the lips we apply topical anesthetic for 20 - 40 mins prior to treatment.

Do I get a consultation? What happens at a consultation?

At Skin Mod we ALWAYS give a consultation prior to treatment. Firstly you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and self-certification form. During your consultation you will openly be able to discuss your concerns, treatment goals and expectations with your medical practitioner. You will be asked some questions about your medical history and lifestyle. With this information, your practitioner will put together a tailored treatment plan that can help you get the result you’re looking for. Saftey and side effects per treatment will be out lined thouroughly and pre and post treatment advice will be given bespokely.

What happens after the treatment? What will I look like?

A massage is given post treatment. The Doctor will ensure that the treatment is aesthetically balanced and that you are safe to leave. It is your job to make the Doctor aware of any concerns that you may have. Results are immediately visable and get better over the course of 2 - 4 weeks as the filler begins to attract water to itself and settle. You will be given a second visit date which will be a top up if you have any product left or desire more as well as an assessment. You may experience redness, bruising or swelling in the injected area. These effects should not last longer than 2 weeks. Due to the mild swelling treated areas will initially look bigger then they will settle. Post treatment care will be given such as how to massage the area and what to look out for. Although very rare: If you experience any complications outlined please send an email immediatley to romford@skinmod.co.uk with a short video and pictures of the concern. Things to look out for:

  • swelling that is getting worse as time passes
  • increase in pain that is getting more severe with time
  • skin feels hotter in the injected area, redness is increasing and becoming worse with time. A throbbing sensation.
  • In the injected area the skin has a pale/white patch of colour. When pressed for 5 sec the blood is taking a while to pool in. The colour of the skin is staying pale. Pain increasing in this area.

How long will my results last?

Results vary from person to person as each individual is different. The amount of filler one client needs to achieve results may take another client multiple sessions to achieve. Similarly, what may last 1 year on one client may last less than 12 weeks on another. This is due to several factors including lifestyle, age, metabolism, skin type, environmental factors etc. Dermal Fillers take time to build up. Initially you may need multiple procedures to create the desired result. Please be patient as it will be worth the wait. Once the desired results has been achieved and the foundation has been created you will need less treatment to maintain your results.

Realistic Expectations

We can only enhance your NATURAL features. It is not possible to completely change them without SURGERY. Dermal Fillers are used to enhance an area or restore loss affected in an area. It is not possible to create the desired look if your facial anatomy does not allow so. Naturally our faces are not symmetrical. Depending on the severity of the asymmetry no matter how much filler is used it may not be able to be corrected. In some cases if the treatment is attemped it can outline the asymmetry and in some cases it may make it appear worse. Your Medical Injector will best advise you prior to treatment regarding your individual case.

Can the filler be removed?

Hylauronic Acid based can be dissolved and reversed by hyaluronidase (an enzyme with breaks down HA).

Lip Augmentation

Once you have undergone a full consultation and assessment, the Doctor will select the best method for you to achieve your desired goal. This may include treatment of the vermillian border, the body of the lip, the 'bellys', inversion technique etc.

  • 0.5 ml of filler gives a very subtle look. We recommended this for clients who are trying filler for the first time and are looking for a subtle enhancement or for a top up. This way of building volume is great if you are happy to wait for your result. This method can be quite costly as it will take could take 4-6 sessions to reach your desired goal.
  • 1.0 ml of filler is recommended if it is your first treatment or a treatment after a break of 6 - 9 months or more. Once the filler has settled the lips will appear more plumped and volumised. You may require multiple session to achieve your desired look if you prefer a fuller pout.
  • 1.5 ml + of filler is for a very volumptuous result and a more experienced client.

Tear Trough

Filler is applied via a Cannula into the hollows under the eye. At Skin Mod we work with 2 kinds of filler for this procedure. Juvederm and Teoxane Redensity ||. Juverderm is used for ageing concerns whereas Teoxane also can address dark circles. *Unfortunately not everyone is suitable for this procedure as this treatment requires a candidate with the right amount of skin density so the filler is not visable under the eye. A client suffering from large eye bags should not have this treatment as the filler can enhance the bags*. This will be determined on consultation. Clients with thin skin, sagging and loss of elasticity should consider

  • microneedling
  • HIFU
For best results clients may require 2 treatments roughly 12 weeks apart. Results can last for upto 12 months

Cheek Augmentation (Cheek Filler)

Everybody’s cheek bone and muscle/fat ratio is structured differently giving the appearance of hollow cheeks, chubby cheeks, flat cheeks etc. During the treatment your face is analysed and filler is placed strategically where YOU need it to create your desired result. Filler can be applied to make the face look slimmer, fuller, longer, angular and if placed correctly it can take years off of you in minutes!
For best results you will need at least 3/4 ml. For clients who are holding excess weight we may need to contour the face prior to Dermal Fillers. Best treatment for contouring and lifting: HIFU

Nasal Labial Fold (Smile Lines)

Filler is placed directly into the smile lines to 'plump' them out. Usually 2.0 ml is required for this treatment. For best results treatment may need to be combined with: Cheek filler Microneedling Chemical Peels


Jawline Filler is preformed to create the illusions of a more defined slimmer jawline. This procedure is usually preformed with the chin and requires: 3.0 ml / 4.0 ml for women 5.0 ml / 6 ml for men For anyone with excess weight higher then the recommended BMI range this would not be an ideal treatment for you due to the excess tissues in the area however, just by using 2.0 ml to enchance the chin combined with HIFU for contouring and lifting the resuts are amazing!


Filler in the chin can give the illusion of weightloss, contour and more definition.
From the side, we can balance the profile, give the illusion of a sharper jaw and reduce the appearance of a double chin.
It is one of the most effective procedures within the aesthetic industry as the chin alone can change the appearance of the whole face.

Marianette Lines (Jowls)

Jowls are the results of one fat pad located in the cheek slipping of the other. They are very rarely directly treated as this would create a heavy effect and make the jowls appear enhanced. Instead the face is assessed and where the problem is being cause the area is treated for eg. the cheeks may need to be filled in order to lift the jowl. This will be assessed on consultation by the medical injector.

Facial Remodelling

The effect of age-ing varies highly from person to person and thus highly influences our treatment plan.
A minimum of 6.0 ml / 8.0 ml will be needed.