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Electrolysis is the original MVP of permanent hair removal. Though technology may have progressed on to laser for the larger areas, electrolysis is still undefeated when treating white, red, blonde and grey hairs. As the process does result in permanent hair removal, electrolysis is often used to shape the brows permanently alongside semi permanent makeup. Here at Skin Mod it is recommened for hair that lacks pigment or very sparse hairs as our Laser is capable of tackling blonde and red hair.


Hair Removal is't the only use for this hidden gem, it can also be used in  advanced procedures to remove skin imperfections permanently.


Advanced Electrolysis can tackle the following skin concerns:


  • Skin tags

  • Thread Veins

  • Wart removal

  • Milia removal

  • Mole Removal (with GP consent)

  • Blood spot or Cherry Dot

  • Blonde / white hair

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Electrolysis Hair Removal
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